Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bridal shower and Karl

Good Morning guys!! This past weekend was def a productive one for me. Went to A close friends bridal shower Saturday and it was so beautiful to share that experience with her. Next step is the bachelorette party and then the wedding!! Im so excited :)  Forgive my hair in this picture it was raining and it made my hair crazy frizzy
(bride to be, me, courtney)
On Sunday I drove down 95S to move things out of a storage unit with my bro. Humidity and moving things on an empty stomach made for a very grouchy day, at least until i had chipotle then all was right with the world lol.

I have a tendency to buy things spur of the moment and have so many plans for that item and then I never wear/use it. (smh Ive gots to do better) Sunday i realized that I had never carried my Karl Lagerfeld canvas tote and being that my outfit was pretty chill and casual i thought this bag was perfect to wear.
(Washington Nationals Hat, Tee: UO, Shorts: DIY, Karl Canvas Tote: Net-A-Porter)

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!!

Hugs and Love

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