Friday, July 27, 2012

Lyst Alert

I know, I know I've been talking about Lyst alot recently but when you find something that is totally convenient to your "healthy" shopping addiction why not share it with the world and its just something about the website that has me coming back.

This Morning I received an email that stated that one of the items that I lysted was now on SALE! These blue beauties by Dolce Vita are now $81. Once items are on sale they tend to be sold out quickly so you have to def take advantage of the sale opportunity.

Theres always that part of you when your shopping that thinks "if they were only on sale" or "Ill just come back and check to see if they are cheaper" that kicks in and then your disappointed that you missed out when they went on sale. These sale alerts are like your personal shopping assisntant, if only the entire retail world worked this way, I'd no doubt be a happy camper. Maybe broke but a happy camper nonetheless lol.

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