Friday, September 30, 2011

Kenzie's Tip: Lets make these lashes grow!

Long luxurious and luminous lashes is what every girl wants, and the occasional guy (wink, wink), so how do we make this happen? Mascara and falsies are always the go to solution and for some its the expensive lash medication that is advertised on tv.  Searcing for this solution, I came across alot of different suggestions for naturally growing your eyelashes. Some people said cut your lashes and they would grown back fuller, others said that to prevent your lashes from breaking dont curl them after you put mascara on. So many answers but the one I decided to try was putting vaseline on them!

I honestly feel like new lashes grew and they look alot fuller!! Not sure about the length but its been about a week and a half and I put vaseline on my lids every night. Maybe the fact that they are moisturized more gives my lashes the ability to grow. 

Anywho, try it out, not a guranteed way to get your eyelashes to grow or become fuller but everyone is different and it never hurt to try :)

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