Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Damn you Irene!

So as you all know the east coast has been hit with not one but TWO natural disaters in the previous weeks and the personal impact has been crazy!

The earthquake that shook the east coast up to Canada was insane and also something that I was clueless about and Im not quite sure why I didnt feel it *shrugs*  All of the panic and ppl trying to get out of the city was overwhelming and a nightmare for me getting back home! DC is a horrible place to be and live when something dramatic happens.

A few days later hurricane Irene showed her face and man oh man was it ugly! Attempting to sleep while the wind and rain are literally banging at the window is almost impossible.  One thing i always believe is that animals have an instinct when something bad is going to happen and i think my dog helped predict what was to come next.  Around 10pm before the storm became really serious, my power went out so I went to sleep, with hopes that i culd just sleep through the hurricane and wake up the next morning like nothing happened. I woke up around 1145pm because my dog kept crying to get out of my room. The power was still out so i decieded to follow him and see where he was going. We sat in the basement in the dark until about 1220am and the power came back on. We went back upstairs and i watched the news to see what the progress of the hurricane was. Not even 10mins of the power being back on it went back out and the unthinkable occurred.

A tree fell on my house!!! Thank God the damage wasnt as bad as it looks and no one was hurt, but I really think that my dog knew that that was goin to happen thats why he went in the basement...is that weird??

Anyways i hope none of you or your loved ones were hurtduring the storm!

Hugs and Love

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