Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hey Guys!!!

Since last Thursday I have been going non stop and now its finally time to breathe and of course share whats been happening! The stress of the entire weekend was a bit overwhelming but I made it through :)

Thursday night: Art and Soul restaurant for the rehersal dinner. I forgot to take pics while I was there but the food was amazing and even Art (Oprahs Chef and owner) stopped by our dinning room to have a quick chat. 

Friday Morning: Drove to Richmond for my little (not so little) brothers graduation from VCU!! Im so proud of him! Were getting old :(

Friday night: Rush back home (2 1/2 hr drive because of traffic) to get to my bff wedding!! YIKES I literally got home in enough time to breathe, eat a little something and then I was back out to help set up for the wedding.

I met this woman waaaay back when we were running around the playground in kindergarten haha and now 20+ years later shes walking down the aisle and Im glad that Im able to stand there beside her! We def had some ups and downs over the years but nothing could break our bond. 

Late friday night: after the wedding, after the i do's, after the eating, drinking, dancing, and more drinking we took a pic in the rain!  

L to R: groom, me, tee, bride in back, will, jordan

Alot more happened on Saturday and Sunday but I dnt have pics so I just shared the gist of it! I hope you all had a great weekend and mothers day!

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