Friday, May 17, 2013

Fitness Friday #9: workout playlist

Its Friday!! What better way to end your work week than with a little exercise. I know that sometimes if the music you listen to doesnt motivate you to run that extra mile or do that last set of squats then your workout wont feel as successful.
We all need that musical boost to get us through those workouts so I wanted to share mine with you! I use Spotify to build  different playlists for different moods including a workout playlist. 

I included songs that are somewhat upbeat and/or lyrically motivating. I usually run about a mile twice a week and the playlist is probably long enough for a 2.5 to 3 mile run at my pace. 

 I have spotify premium which is $10 a month for unlimited access and I think its def worth it especially for those people who arent able to get every new song that comes out and 9 out 10 spotify will have it. You can always use itunes or any other program in which you can create your own playlist specific for what you want. 

Have fun during your next workout! :)

Hugs and love

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