Monday, May 28, 2012


Happy Memorial Day!!! This weekend has been crazy and im so glad we have today off because I need to regroup! Lol.

On Saturday I received my first Julep monthly Maven box and I was pretty excited to get it. I have signed up for alot of monthy subscription services and I shake my head that this is another one that has gotten its grips on me but so far I like it haha! As you guys know I have a few obsessions and one of them happen to be nail polish and having my nails look nice.

The packaging was nicely put together and the two colors (susie mint and niecy pink) are beautiful! It also came with the best pedi crème ever, which I havent used yet but Im anxious to see what makes it the best.

The thing that got me was that my first order was just a penny and there are no shipping costs!!! How amazing is that? Nothing costs a penny anymore and I find pennys on the ground all the time!

You guys can join too for just ¢1 and free shipping by clicking the link JULEP at the check out put in the promo code PENNY!!


  1. That color is too pretty ! & omg, VERY TEMPTING with the penny deal!


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