Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Better Body: You are what you eat

Over the past year or so I have slowly but surely become a very healthy eater with a few bad habits (mainly anything with chocolate, chipotle and a few pepsi's from time to time.) Realizing that I'm not getting any younger and that the food I ate would eventually catch up with me, I needed to make a change. Here are a few and easy ways that can help anyone start to make their eating habits healthier!

First let me say you must drink WATER WATER WATER!! You will see such a big difference in how you feel, how your skin and hair looks and feels and its just so much better than drinking sodas or high sugar content drinks.  I drink about a minimum of 32oz of water a day and a trick and benifits to making it taste better can be found here.

Although I am not brave enough nor willing to become a vegetarian or a vegan because of the close relationship I have with chicken lol, I did cut down considerably on my ground beef intake and I substitute it with ground turkey. Its so much more healthier and leaner than beef.  As far as fruit I rarely buy fruit other than bananas so a great substitue for your lack of fruit and veggie intake I would suggest Naked or Bolthouse juice smoothies. They taste amazing and come in several flavors and you get the amount of servings of fruit that you need for the day.

White is not always right.  Try substituting white bread, flour, pasta and rice with whole wheat. When white flour products are made the nutritional content is lost and when white flour is refined the only thing that is left is pure carbs. So next time you make a sandwich think "white bread makes your hips spread" lol. Last but not least please reduce your sodium intake! Most foods with perservatives have a high sodium count so my suggestion is stay away from tv dinners and ramen noodles(every college students breakfast lunch and dinner lol.) Cooking yourself is always a great option but if that isnt posssible just make sure you look at the nutrition facts.

Hugs and Healthy Love :)

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