Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Half way through....

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday. Were almost through with the week and I must admit that Ive been wishing it was friday since monday came around lol. I think rain and overcast has gotten the best of me, but I do have two days to turn my frown upside down :)

Anyway...just sharing my mid-week arm candy! Wasnt really sure what I wanted this to be about so this is really random post.

Marc by Marc Jacobs turnlock bracelet
spiked bracelet, F21
green bracelets, target (old)
Earrings Mark

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day and lets end this week off with positive thoughts :)

Hugs and Love


  1. Love the earrings.. and everything else for that matter. I need to step my jewelry game up :)


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