Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hey guys!! Happy new year! I know im four days late but hey, better late than never. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and hopefully with this new year you were inspired to change something in your life to only enhance it.  Recently I've noticed that alot of people have been saying that resolutions are pointless and no one sticks to them. I believe that that is true in a way but I also feel that if you are lucky enough to see a new year then why not change something or try to stick to something? Granted it might not last the entire year but why not focus on that one thing and be different than the others that throw their resolutions to the side and dont fully attempt or even committ to it? Not saying I'm perfect and and I always go through with what I set my mind to, because thats not the case, but I figure I could atleast try to go through with what I set out to do and if its not successful then atleast I know I tried...right?

Ok so...enough pep talk! Heres something we all could do. I saw this challenge on my friends instagram and since its still early in the month theres no reason why I cant complete the rest of the month. Its a great way to give you blog post ideas when you feel like you have nothing to talk about (we all go through this) makes your day a little more interesting and taking pics is always fun :)

day 1 Me in the car
day 2 My breakfast mango chobani greek yogurt
day 3 my dog tuggie being adorable :)

Write down what you want to change this year in a journal, day planner or a vision board, even post it notes  would work lol. Make sure this year you determine your happiness and no one else

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  1. I love this, I was just trying to find a challenge or something else to do within my blog. Thanks love !

    Happy New Year.


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