Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Bucket list!

Back in June I wrote a blog post entitled Summa Summa Summa Time  that included a list of things that i wanted to do before the summer was over!

Its a decent size list and Im glad to say that ive done alot of them!!! Ive been going non stop since June kinda tired, haha but its all worth it! Taking advantage of life and every blessing that comes my way is an amazing feeling. :) The first quote that i ever put on my blog thats located under my header pic says "The things we do when we're young is what defines us when we're old." You only live once and taking full advantage of life is neccessary. I dont want to get old and look back at my 20's and feel that i dnt have anything to show for it or not have any sort of experience.  When I was younger adults use to always tell me to wait until im older to do things...but why wait? If the opportunity holds out its hand, im def gonna grab on (of course with a lil bit of thought going into it)

The pics im sharing in this post are from my trip to Miami with my bff and another friend! The drinks, the beach, the weather, the parties ohh did i mention the DRINKS! lol it was soooo much fun! i def need to make a another trip back!

Oh the palm trees!

 The day after we got there it was raining :( but we still walked the beach
 the bff and I, friends for 20 years!! yikes (kenny-left, me-right)

                                   Domo she is sooo hilarious!! <3                                               

Me Tanning! but with plenty of sun block dnt need leather skin lol

We left the club one nite and went straight to the beach! didnt leave the beach until 8am :)

I hope you guys are having a wonderful summer and its not too late to start!! we still have august :)

Hugs and Summer Love!

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  1. Looks like you had a ton of fun! I love Florida, I haven't been to the beach yet but I hope to go soon. Cool blog miss lady. Thanks for the follow :)

    -Nicole Alicia ♥ and check out my other blog at


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