Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Im noticing that this summer has been all about pale pink lips or any color pink for lips. Personally ive always been a fan of pink lips it compliments alot of different skin colors and complexions. I am a avon rep so I do have some of there lipsticks and they are great! They have wonderful colors and they are reasonably price ($8 & up) If you would like to order these are called 24k gold lipstick CLICK HERE to go to the site and type in what you would like in the search box!

Another place that has really great lipstick is Sephora. I had a previous blog that was about the scents that I thought were great smells for the summer and now to add to my Sephora rant is lipstick! Last fall I bought a bright red lipstick that I was absolutely in love with :) I recently went there to see what new colors they had and the pinks in there are amazing! There lipsticks are also reasonably priced...we are still in a recession! I believe they start at $12 for the lipsticks and the lip gloss are $8.

Dont be afraid to try new colors for your lips especially something bright for a summer night on the town with the girls! :)

Pink Kisses Hugs and Love!


  1. Heyy cute blog :)

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  2. thanx :) i really appreciate it!! i started followin you and i like ur blog as well!

  3. I love pink lipsticks and glosses as well,I bought 2of those 24K lipstisks from Avon tho I dont use them,I have Pink and Ruby in Gold..thanx for sharing ...great post


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