Saturday, May 29, 2010

This week... Sincerely Kenzie Leigh :)

So this week wasnt as eventful as i thought it was gonna be but....i did do something with my life and wasnt a complete BUM!! lmao i just love sleep so much..haha!! I took some pics to show wat i did and where i went..nothing too exciting but hey its my life and it can only get better from here!

went to the park with my niece! i love her but i was tired afterward lol

looking for a job with my bro; where to start?

Georgetown on a beautiful day :-)

I love my city at night! Had to pick up my bro from the waterfront and on my way there I got stuck in traffic in front of the monument so i decided to take a pic of it. Its funny I have only been inside the monument once and i was 9 years old and I went on a field trip.I've lived here for 22 years (my whole life lol) and living in DC you really don't appreciate everything that the city has.

Walking my doggie sweetest pug ever :-)
I had a thought about making healthy and organic dog treats because my dog tends to eat everything and will gain alot of weight from doing this lol which isnt good at all so i made these natural peanut butter treats that he loves :-) i want to test these treats out on other dogs so if you have a dog and live in the DC area let me know
Welp!! that was my week and now its Memorial Day weekend and its kinda boring so far should have went out of town or something but Im going to make the best of this weekend and hopefully I will have a job next week (hoping and praying) So ill talk to you bloggers next week sometime...enjoy the rest of your weekend and be safe!!

Hugs and Love


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