Monday, May 17, 2010

the boys in blue...

So bloggers....i got that thing everyone dreads getting!!! A speeding ticket..ahhh!!! FML right?? i think this was one of the worst experiences Ive had in a while smh and i have come to realize that male cops are a lot easier when it comes to speeding than females. Its this show on A&E i believe about female cops in L.A and these females are intense about there jobs. I dnt kno if its because they feel that they have something to prove *shrugs* but they are scary. But anyway i guess its about time i get a ticket..its my first one and its scary i dnt kno what to do!! Im thinkin i should get a lawyer..plead the 5th...come up with a story to tell them haha! idk!! attorney's are sending me information about my rights and things like that and im like damn i didnt kill anyone i was speeding and it wasnt that much faster than the speed limit!! YIKES

All i kno is that im broke and i cant go to too pretty lmao!! i gotta make light of the situation because if i didnt then i would probably go crazy thinking about the bad thinks that could happen to me. Geez lousie the life i chose or better yet the life that chose me! lol Until i find out my fate about this ticket ill just keep praying :-) I'll keep you updated bloggers

Hugs and Love!!

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  1. NO ATTORNEYS! they send u that shxt cuz i think when u get a ticket it goes into some database. they're nuisances. just go to court, see if u can get it reduced & pay it...DONT BE SCARED. i got a 400$ ticket & i was fine. if u were goin' to jail, you would be there already. unless u dont pay.


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