Monday, May 3, 2010


Hey bloggers!! Ive been gone for a while..but now im back! I kno, I kno you missed me, i wont do it again. Promise.

I went to sleep last nite or lets say this morning around 415 430am because insomnia decided to sneak in my bedroom window and hang around. How rude! andI woke up this morning at 645am! (i havent seen 645am in a loooong time..hello earth haha!) so pretty much I took a nap smh. Now im awake watchin Boy meets world one of my fav shows of all time and im starving and craving anything edible!

Welp! im off to find something to eat and try to go back to sleep for at least a hour but if not i hope this long day is good to me!!! ill be back later bloggers I luv you all :-) and have a wonderful day

Hugs & Love!!

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