Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Mood....

Happy April!!!!! Nice weather is finally in our presence and Im so happy!  Its true when they say that the weather can sometimes determine the type of mood your in because for it to be a Monday I feel on top of the world haha!

In other news...lent ended yesterday and one of the things that I gave up was coffee. From going to drinking coffee everyday to not at all cold turkey was a very hard thing to do and it hurt (i.e headaches.)  Last year for lent I thought cutting back from two cups of coffee a day was bad, but this year was def tougher!  Thankfully I made it through and after two weeks the headaches went away. In place of coffee I drank green, black and chai tea, which I must say are really good, and kinda helped with coffee cravings.  

Today I went to starbucks before work and surprisingly I ordered a Chai Latte. You would think that since I was able to get a coffee I would but I think this lenten season helped me to not be so dependent on coffee as I was before, which if you think about it its kinda the one of the purposes of lent to rid of addictions and grow closer with God. Anyway Im thankful for my growth and this nice weather :)

Did you participate in lent?

Hugs and Love :)


  1. I didn't participate in lent this year, but I did last year and I did the same thing I gave up coffee and the struggle was real but it did give me chance to find and try different alternatives, the chai latte is also good at panera bread as well

  2. I didn't take up lent this year, probably should've but weak will power wins when it's April and it's freezing like it's January, what would I do without my chocolate? lol

    I really like your blog so I'm now following you on GFC. Would love it if you checked out my blog as it would mean a lot! Maybe even follow back if you like it ;)

    Looking forward to your next post xx


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