Friday, February 22, 2013

Style me Friday w TFND!

I know we all have those blogger moments when you know you want to blog something but you have NO CLUE about what. Trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to post this week was kinda difficult until I saw Eboni over at TFND post about her weekly Style me friday link ups!

The inspiration was pretty simple and seeing as though I had happen to be wearing all black at the time I figured no better time to take an improptu photo and *voila* a blog post is born!!

Levi Jeans| H&M Snood| Black Tee Target| Coat (old) Christmas Gift

Now its time to continue the rest of this work day and figure out what Im blogging about next week!! :) Until then have a great weekend and check out my last style me friday post HERE!

Hugs and Love :)


  1. That is what I am talking about, impromptu! I hate I didn't have a yellow coat!

  2. Found your blog btw of Eboni over at TFND & I'm now following... Love the way you recreated the Style Me Friday look!


  3. OK! You rocked it girl. Cute yellow coat!!

  4. Very cute! I def need to add a few more colors to my wardrobe!


  5. I definitely know the feeling! I'm glad I was able to help...and cute caot!


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