Thursday, April 7, 2011

a wish list perhaps....

Toms Olive Canvas Classic Shoes

Just about everyday while im at work i either read blogs, tweet, or shop for things that i want. I do do work tho :)...but i just get it done and out of the way! But anywho im a shoe addict and these are def on my need/want list for the summer!!

Tory Burch striped canvas espadrilles


Lanvin Snake Print Wedged Sandals

The tory burch and lanvin shoes are from i LOOOOOVE this site and the toms shoes are from and if you didnt know already when you buy a pair of toms shoes another pair of shoes is given to child that needs them :) and i really love that concept! Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!!

Hugs and ℒℴѵℯ

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  1. great wishlist,love the snakeprint wedges they r wicked!


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