Monday, April 11, 2011

Umm excuse me???

I usually dnt check notifications on my FB account regularly, but when i do boy oh boy there arent words to describe the messages that i receive from random ppl that i DO NOT know. Questions that range anywhere from "Wassup ma, where yo man at?" or " Hey cutie whats your name?" "Hi you doin today" or even "I kno you dont kno me but im tryna get to kno you" First i think these are guys are too old to still be approaching females like we are in middle school or high school. Expand your vocab and grammar a little bit im not gonna take you serious if you dnt know the difference between "how" and "hi" or even the question hey cutie whats your name? umm its facebook and my name is next to my picture come on..this cant be life..or maybe it is, on facebook atleast! Its kinda funny but sad that i have rarely received a message that werent like the ones above. And because of these questions this is the reason why im not on fb as much.

But the question i got yesterday beats them all: "Wassup bad bitch ths yo boy Louie ____" yep...did you read that again because i sure as hell did when i first saw it lmao! REALLY?!?! He couldnt have possibly thought that puttin the word "bad" infront of bitch was gonna make me blush, bat my eyelashes, twirl my hair and want to have a conversation with this fool?! But is this what has become exceptable as a greeting for women from men? calling her a bad bitch? Why not beautiful or gorgeous? I dnt remember where i saw this quote but it said "dnt call a female a bitch, but putting the word bad infront of it makes it ok" I really think that males or atleast this guy thought that was fine and for me its not! I dnt consider that a compliment at all especially if i dont know. Males need to find different ways to approach a female and thats not it.

*exhaling* woosaa


  1. Lol, oh heck naw! See, those 'boy's' who result in trying to get girls via Facebook are the same guys who fail at approaching WOMEN in public.


    It's SOO unattractive!


  2. *dead* How dare he... I really have no words. That is so ignorant of him.


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