Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mother's Day | Gift Guide

Mom. The ones that brought us into this world and filled our lives with love. They are also the ones that threatened to take us out of the world when we were younger if acted up lol.  Either way our moms are our worlds and we love them. 

(click the pic for the entire video, its hilarious!)

So what do give a mother that has everything? For me its always kinda tough trying to figure out what she would actually want and/or use.  My mom for instance isn't really demanding, picky or expensive when it comes to gifts but if she doesn't like it you can definitely tell. 

Mothers Day

1) A bottle of her favorite wine with a bottle stopper (here)
2) What Mom doesn't like a new purse?  Michael Kors Bag
3) My Mom loves tea and teapots! This teapot has a loose leaf tea infuser, its perfect! (its on sale here!)
4) Her own personal at home spa day ( love this etsy shop!)
5) Tell time in style with a simple yet classy two tone watch. Kate Spade 
6. If all else fails you can always get her beautiful flowers :)

Have you shopped for your mom yet? What did you get her?

Hugs and Love :)

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