Saturday, April 12, 2014


Spring has finally showed her pretty little head and I am out of my winter funk and my forced hibernation mode! With the current break in weather, I was inspired to swap out my cold weather clothes with more weather appropriate items like dresses!! 

During this swap I realized that I have a ton of dresses and I never realized that I had so many that still had tags on them. I clearly have a problem and I think I might have become a dress hoarder. YIKES! So I came up with the idea to post the days that I wear a dress for two reasons, 1) I will kinda force me to wear these dresses, especially the ones with the tags still on them smh and 2) I will have more things to blog about! So its a win win!! :)

What do you wear alot of during the spring?

Dressy hugs and love?

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