Friday, October 11, 2013

Thirsty Thursday | Almond Milk

While browsing the internet the other day I stumbled across a "How to make almond milk" recipe. I'm not lactose intolerant but I love soy and almond milk! I love any kind of milk really which is why I thought this DIY was perfect, and because I don't own a cow for regular milk the almonds will suffice.


So yesterday my brother and I decided to try it out and make it on our own. I figure it can't be that hard especially if you watched the vid and the only ingredients you need are almonds and water.  I let my almonds soak while I was at work, which was the smart thing for me to do because its kinda hard for me to hold in my excitement and I probably would have taken them out way too soon lol. When I got home we drained the water and threw the almonds in the blender with 4 cups of water.

I didn't have a thin mesh to strain the milk through so we used a colander which worked perfectly (thanks to my brother) because the holes were small enough to catch the almond bits left in the milk. We chose to add a cap full of pure vanilla extract to sweeten it (although i think we should have put in another cap of vanilla) and it made it taste and smell amazing!


I got the carafe from Ikea for 3 bucks!
Do you like almond milk? If you try it out let me know what you think :)

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  1. I LOVE carafe's, I haven't tried almond milk yet but I should.

    1. I would usually get almond milk from trader joes or harris teeter...the ones from the store taste slightly different (probably because of sweetners) but are still good nonetheless :)

  2. I had a carafe but it was broken while I was moving. This is an awesome price and I've already ordered it. LOL!

    My kids love almond milk and my mother swore by it. I thought it was ok, but I'm willing to give it another try.

  3. I love almond milk however it's not homemade so this recipe will be great to try it myself thanks for sharing x


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