Thursday, September 27, 2012

sole mates...

     Good Morning Guys! As you all probably know from several previous post, I LOVE shoes!! I promise though that the recent splurge in three pairs of shoes were all for a great reason.  What's the reason you might ask? I needed a great shoe to wear to a friends wedding of course!

These blue spiked babies...OH-EM-GEE!! This is the Ruth shoe and I got these from shoemint last month. Let me tell you that they may have restored my love for pointed toe pumps. When I saw them on the site my first thought was that the color is amazing but of course the internet does not do things much justice.  They got to my house and the first thing I thought was Carrie's shoes in SATC movie. Granted, hers were Manolo Blahnik and the hue of blue was different but the concept of the shoe is similar.


I had been eyeballing these shoes from Zara for quite some time and when I saw them in July they were on sale so you know I took that as a sign that meant they had to come home with me :) I dont remember what the original price was but I got them for $30. 

Last but definitely not least, these were the shoes that made their debut at the wedding.  Got these from Zara for $80 (ever since I used to work there zara always seems to get all my money smh) and the pink part over the toe matched my dress almost perfectly! These are current season so they will still be at the store if you like them :)

So I guess my question is...Can a girl have too many shoes??

Hugs and Shoe Love :)

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