Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rub a dub dub

Lol crazy title but im currently taking a bath and blogging!! Ive had this blogger app for a while but really never took full advantage of it until now, I kinda feel like Rev Run at the end of Run house haha!!

Anyway the purpose of this post is to share or maybe review how i feel about this lush bubble bar, since this is what I used in my bubble bath. I dnt remember the name of it but i think it was $5.95 for the single bar and I must say i actually love this bubble bar! If you havent been to lush before or tried their products they are all handmade products that smell AMAZING. I've bought a bath bomb before that is kind of like a water softener that can only be used once that you just drop it into the bath water. The bubble bar can be broken up into the water and the rest of the bar can be saved for your next bubble bath experience. It makes your skin feel really soft rather than drying it out, like most baths do and the scent of this particular bar smells soooo great!!! I would def recommend buying this whether your really into taking bubble baths or just need a relaxing moment in your life.

I have a picture of the bar in my previous post Insta-monday. Im off to enjoy the rest of this moment while pandora plays in the background!! (oh shoot janet jackson just came on lol) talk to you guys later :)

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