Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Guys

Timex Brown Leather Watch $48 

Limited Edition Lego G-Shock Watch $130

So its 19 days until Christmas, which means 18 days of shopping left! haha! Lets face it shopping for a guy is kinda hard, unless they tell you exactly what they want but most times they just "dont care."  If your having a hard time trying to figure out what to get the guy in your life like myself, whether it be your boyfriend, brother, guy best friend or dad, then this gift guide should help! These gifts are not only great for any guy they are practical and wallet friendly!

(click the pics to go to the sites)
G-Shock Lego Limited Edition Watch $130
Times Brown Leather Watch Urban Outifitters $48
Trapper Hat $ 24 Urban Outfitters
Chevron Scarf $29 Urban Outfitters
Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection $45 Sephora
Old school laptop sleeve $9.99 American Eagle Outfitters

Good Luck shopping :)



  1. I love your gift guide! Lovely Blog!


  2. Now this is a gift guide I would actually buy myself! Esp. the Lego G-Shock watch and the Aztec inspired Chevron scarf! LOVE.



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