Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dazzle Me

Hey Guys!! Last week my Shoedazzle shoes came so i figured i share the shoe of the month :) I really love this subscription service and having the ability to opt out within the first five days of the month, just in case new shoes arent in the budget is such a wonderful thing!

I got the Moria Boots this month and oh man do i love them. They stop just below the knee and arent as 'hookerish' as my friend made them out to be haha!

Sign up for shoedazzle here!!

I also bought some e.l.f nail polish from target. The colors are really great for the holiday and the fact that you get 5 polishes def made it a winner.
Colors from left to right
Golden goddess, royal purple, mod mauve, red velvet, metal madness


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