Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Essentials | Moisture

With the recent drop in temperature the weather outside is definitely frightful with crazy winds, gray skies and the occasional snow fall. And, with it comes chap lips and dull dry skin which is even more frightful!

Seeing as though we can't just stay in the house snuggled up in our warm beds and watch seasons 1&2 of scandal on Netflix and wait for spring to come, although it does sound inviting, we have to live our lives (i.e work) and face winters cruel air one way or the other.  Below I decided to share what helps me get through this tough dry season with 4 key essentials that we all need.

Tocca Cleopatra Hand Cream
First let me start off by saying that I love anything that is paraben free and has natural ingredients because ingredients that you cannot pronounce are probably not that good for you anyway.  I received a sample of the Tocca Hand cream in a  previous birch-box and fell in love with it! The scent is amazing and it leaves your hands feeling silky and moisturized.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar
I usually have dry skin no matter what time of year it is but the winter is a lot worse.  Finding a face moisturizer that doesn't make your face look dull and feels like it just sitting on top of your skin is hard to find for me but this moisturizer is great!

John Masters Lip Calm
For the past two years my go to lip balms were EOS and Burts Bee's, but recently neither were helping with my chapped lips. I'm not sure how I came across John Masters Organic but I'm glad that I did because this lip balm is AMAZING, and with all Certified Organic ingredients, I really couldn't pass it up.

Brown Sugar Lip scrub
Using a brown sugar lip scrub helps get dead skin off those dry lip and makes your lip feel incredibly smooth and moisturized. I usually apply the scrub before bed to help my lips recover from the day and then I use my Lip Calm lip balm to lock in the moisture. I'm thinking about making my own DIY brown sugar lip scrub so if your interested let me know :)

What are your go to winter moisture essentials??

Warm Hugs and Love

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