Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer bucket: Updated

Its so not fair that we wait so long for summer and when it gets here its almost over in the blink of an eye. With only a month left  to try to fit everything in I found myself going back to my bucket list to see if I actually did anything that I set out to do, and to my surprise I was able to check off more than I thought!

Summer bucket

Random weekend getaway: Although not completely random I was able to go down to the 757 to see my wonderful friends, chill by the pool and just catch up. Havent seen them in months and it felt like we were never apart.

Rooftop pool: Oh yeaaa! This was probably the best discovery of the summer! With it being literally 2 blocks from my job its perfect and they have pool happy hour specials! #win

Beach Bum: This past weekend, although I was sick (insert sad face with mask around the mouth), I went to Myrtle Beach, SC with my BFF and her family. Im about one shade darker lol and my god daughter was able to make sand castles and my head cold got better (granted I was highly medicated!) All in all it was a pretty great weekend :)

Baseball game: My love for baseball has def grown over the past few years! With the Nats playing so well last season I knew that I had to make it to at least one game this summer.  An old co worker of mine had tickets and invited me to go so I hopped at the chance. If it were a dodgers game (Matt Kemp) my life would be complete!

Meet new peeps:  I will admit that I havent met as many new people that I would like but I still have time! On a happy hour/bday outting and 4th of July celebration  I met a few pretty cool people and I look forward to going to other different places with new crowds!

Cant wait to finish up the rest of this list and maybe add a few more! Have you guys checked off anything from your summer bucket list?


  1. That's a pretty awesome list, simple yet fun! Enjoy the rest of your summer :)


  2. I had my entire bucketlist out and ready to go when the Spring semester ended and just like that, I had to put it on hold because all of sudden I found myself in summer school and teaching. Then I found myself at the start of my career. And while I'm not complaining, I wish I could have at gotten through my summer reading list. Luckily, I have this weekend to breeze through a few good reads.

    Looks like you've had an awesome time!


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